28W 32.8ft Waterproof LED Strip Kit - Cool White

28W 32.8ft Waterproof LED Strip Kit - Cool White - LED Strip Light - by www.lednxt.com

LED Strip Light - LN3528W30-AC

28W 32.8ft Waterproof LED Strip Kit - Cool White

32.8ft 10m Cool White AC High Voltage Flexible LED NXT Strip 600leds Waterproof Ip68!

Make Outlines Shine More!

Colour Temperature (K)6500K (Cool White)
IP Rating68
Lifetime (h)50000
Power Consumption28W
TypeLED Strip Light
Voltage110 - 240V
  •  Architectural decorative lighting
  •  Border/contour lighting
  •  Emergency security lighting / Stairway accent lighting
  •  Concealed lighting / Cove lighting
  •  Backlighting for signage letters / Channel letter lighting
  •  Marine Garden decoration, etc.

✓ Material: Full Silicone Tube for Stronger Protection
✓ 50 000 hours Life Span
✓ Adopt Bright 3528LEDs, MAX Lumens: 580lm/m
✓ Safe and Reliable
✓ Easy installation
✓ 6500K- Daylight
✓ 3 Years Warranty
✓ Plug and Play: All components are connected and pre-set
✓ Safety: CE, RoHS, GS for whole set
✓ Indoor and Outdoor Use


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Let us light up your home at night and make it more secure!

Since LED consumes very little energy, LEDs are perfect in places where you need the light to burn for a long period of time. They barely consume electricity. These places could be hallways and stairways during the night. It’s better to leave the light on at night instead of turning the light on and off with every passage. Besides, LED is available with different light colors (warm white, neutral white, cool white and RGB). Other types of light sources like incandescent or halogen lamps are only available with a warm white light color. Energy saving lamps do have different light colors but then again their emitted light is less targeted, it is more diffuse or scattered.


LED NXT offers premium high quality indoor LED lighting for your living room, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, garage, etc. Our residential indoor LED lights are also suitable for commercial places like stores or offices. They all share one element which is energy-efficiency. Save electricity and money by installing LED NXT indoor LED lighting!

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Our LED lights are certified: UL Listed, ETL Listed, DLC Listed, ROHS Compliant, CE, Eye Safe

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