About The Company

About The Company

Lystel Lighting LLC is a company from New Jersey (USA) that designs and sells LED & Solar products through its commercial brand LED NXT.

We are proud to be involved in the fabrication process of the LED lighting fixtures that we offer to you. Thanks to our experience and knowledge in the industry, we only use high-quality materials (free of dangerous material) during the production process and put our focus on light power, length of life, energy consumption and lighting color.

Are you ready to upgrade to LED lighting? Do you plan to build an addition or remodeling at your business? Using LED lighting provides better visibility, is more efficient, longer lasting, and lowers your business overhead costs. The return on investment is typically less than two years. If you’re considering any of the above changes, you need an experienced professional to ensure your electrical services are done right. You can count on LED NXT to provide you with multiple cost effective LED Lighting options to fit into any budget!

Quality is our priority!

With our network of partners (Experts, Architects, Research Units, Electricians, Lighting Designers, Installers), LED NXT keeps growing and can assist you in your projects.

In addition to expertise and knowledge, with Lystel Lighting LLC and LED NXT, you’ll get professional service and excellent customer attention. You can count on us to finish our piece of your project on time and within your budget. Additionally, we’ll take the time to ensure that you are fully satisfied with our services by communicating with you regularly.

We look forward to providing you with the best LED options available with service second to none! Contact us today for a free estimate for your LED upgrade!

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What is an LED Filament Bulb? And How Should We Use it?

What is an LED Filament Bulb? And How Should We Use it?

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The LED NXT Online Store Has Officially Launched

The LED NXT Online Store Has Officially Launched

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LED Bulbs Last Up To 25 Times Longer Than Regular Bulbs

LED Bulbs Last Up To 25 Times Longer Than Regular Bulbs

LED lights are well known for their modern solution to the age-old problem of home and office lighting. Because they rely on semiconductors and the principle of electroluminescence, they convert 90% of their energy usage directly from electric into light. Unlike the old incandescent bulbs which wast...
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Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFL)


Incandescent Bulbs

Our LED lights are certified: UL Listed, ETL Listed, DLC Listed, ROHS Compliant, CE, Eye Safe