About Us

Lystel Lighting LLC is a company from New Jersey (USA) that designs and sells LED & Solar products through its commercial brand LED NXT.

LED NXT is involved in the fabrication process. Thanks to our experience and knowledge in LED, we only use high-quality materials (free of dangerous material) during the production process of our products. We focus on light power, length of life, energy consumption, and the color lighting.

Quality is our priority!

With our network of partners (Experts, Architects, Research Units, Electricians, Lighting Designers, Installers), LED NXT keeps growing and can assist you in your projects.  

Quality is our difference.

We offer a large range of high quality and affordable products in a context of changing market. In addition, our offer of service allows us to serve you the way you deserve.

Our team is dedicated to you and your needs. We are Dynamic, Serious and at your service.

Buy LED NXT, try it, and you will adopt it! The light quality is obvious with significant gains in energy efficiency.

Indeed, we will help you choosing the right products for your needs among our large changing innovative LED & Solar products. Depending on your needs, we will connect you to experts in construction, design, etc.

« Give us only 0.01% of your trust and we will make the additional 99.99% of lighting LED satisfaction. »