In today’s world office life takes up a large part of the day and the workload never ceases to increase with the rhythm of technological and telecommunications developments.

In order to avoid excess stress and tension within the company, a well-developed lighting solution will have a direct impact on the physical and emotional health of the workforce. In fact, the level and quality of lighting have a clear influence on the feeling of well-being. LED lighting brings better light quality which means increased comfort.

When people feel better they work better, which means increased productivity, so everyone is happy. And when you have no room for error, you will appreciate the health and safety benefits of lighting solutions that provide uniform light, no dark patches and good color rendering. Employees and customers will feel better too, boosting productivity or smooth flow through your space!

As people are at the heart of our concerns, we provide solutions which allow them to enjoy an excellent working environment!

The energy saving provided by LED technology becomes even more evident when one considers the aging, high energy consuming installation. Each low-consumption LED NXT lighting solution helps reduce costs and protect the environment…

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24W 16.4ft Dimmable LED Strip Kit - White

LED Strip Light uses high brightness 5050 SMD LED chip, color pure, soft, no glare. Light up colorfu..


24W 16.4ft RGB Touch Dimmable LED Strip Kit VDE

LED NXT Strip Light is the ideal and complete range for decoration, highlighting and enhancement of ..


28W 32.8ft Waterproof LED Strip Kit - Cool White

32.8ft 10m Cool White AC High Voltage Flexible LED NXT Strip 600leds Waterproof Ip68!Make Outlines S..


2’x2’ 28W Edge-Lite LED Panel Light

High-energy saving projects, Comfortable lighting, aesthetic LED lighting and a Sustainable investme..


2’x2’ 42W Edge-Lite LED Panel Light

Economic range, Comfortable lighting, aesthetic LED lighting and a Sustainable investment, 42W LED N..


4ft 18W T8 LED Tube Light

Low Power Consumption (save up to 50%) Excellent heat dissipation and uniform light distribut..


5ft 22W T8 LED Tube Light

Low Power Consumption (save up to 50%)Excellent heat dissipation and uniform light distr..