LED Tube Lights

LED Tube Lights

T8 LED Tube Lights replaces conventional fluorescent tube (ballast and starter are not required) widely used for indoor/outdoor illumination Factory, Home, Office, Shopping mall, Restaurant, School, Parking, Hospital, Supermarket, Hotel…Available with clear and frosted cover /4f and 5ft.

The choice of LED NXT T8 Tube Lights, due to its high performances and easy installation, is recommended as it is the best long-lasting solution with a high level of energy efficiency. It will enable you to reduce energy consumption as well as your impact on the environment.


  • Easy to assembly, benefit to improving production efficiency.
  • Light transmitting efficiency is higher than PC, which contribute to good light output and excellent thermal stability.
  • Safer, excellent usability.
  • Glass would not turn yellow in a long time, resistant to corrosion and dirt, more durable.
  • Appearance is consistent with fluorescent tube, which conform to people’s aesthetic habits.
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4ft 18W T8 LED Tube Light

Low Power Consumption (save up to 50%) Excellent heat dissipation and uniform light distribut..


5ft 22W T8 LED Tube Light

Low Power Consumption (save up to 50%)Excellent heat dissipation and uniform light distr..